Wednesday January 24, 2018

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earth-friendly-spotlightHatfield Township is committed to being Green! We are preserving open space, planting trees, making it easier to recycle, and constantly looking for new ways to preserve our beautiful township.

For more ways to get involved, contact the Environmental Advisory Committee.


arboretumTownship Arboretum

Providing passive recreation & education.

openspaceOpen Space

We preserve open space to maintain our natural environment and quality of life.

recyclePlease Recycle

Get Your Free Bin, Cardboard Recycling, Just for Kids!

treenurseryTree Nursery

A cost-effective, green measure.

cleanwaterKeep Our Water Clean

Keep soap, oil, gas, chemicals, and other trash off the pavement and out of storm drains.


The Environmental Advisory Committee recommends these resources for residents.

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