Wednesday January 24, 2018

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Business Licensing
Hatfield Township does not require an annual business license to operate within the township, except for service contractors. All trade/service contractors must register with the township on an annual basis.

Opening a Business
Opening a business in a building within the township may require permits. If you are occupying a building or just a tenant space and plan to change any walls, doors, electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, ceilings or signage, please contact the township building department to discuss what may need permits. After all renovations or construction is completed, and prior to opening for business, you must obtain a Non-Residential Use & Occupancy permit available in the forms section.

Buying a Business
Buying an existing business or building within the township will require a Non-Residential Use & Occupancy permit available in the forms section. This should be applied for prior to the title change or occupancy of a building.

Non-Residential Use & Occupancy Permit
The Non-Residential Use & Occupancy permit is required for all new construction including all Re-sales and Tenant changes. This permit provides emergency contact information to the police and fire departments. It also ensures that all Life Safety requirements are compliant to provide a safe work environment. You can obtain this permit at the township building or in the forms section. Before the inspection please review the 16-point inspection list.

Changes to Fire and Life Safety Inspections
Hatfield Township businesses are subject to Fire and Life Safety Inspections every 18 to 24 months. The fees for Fire and Life Safety Inspections are listed in the Schedule of Fees, available on the forms page.

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